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The Making of Philip KLAS

1st May 2013

Fiat participated in and FINISHED their first game-jam, Ludum Dare 26, over the weekend. Ludum Dare is a website that promotes indie game developers by running game-making contests with very tight deadlines, and winners determined by popular ratings. The competition with actual prizes requires the developer to be solo and has a 48 hour time limit. The competition we entered, since none of us could possibly develop a video game all on our own, was the team jam. It has a 72 hour deadline, with only bragging rights for the winners.

We camped out at Neight Allen's house, and worked diligently to produce what's proving to be one of Ludum Dare's most ludicrous games. Conduct the new opera, "Steven Hawking on the Beach," with the aid of inspirational french fries to bring it to its Spud-Step climax!

If you've never checked out Ludum Dare before, here's the website. There are more than 2000 entries for this competition, so have fun sifting through all the indie games pushed out by hungry developers. Of course the games will be hit and miss, but that's part of the fun! If you register on the site, you can participate in voting for your favorites. Don't forget to vote for us!

Play our game, Philip KLAS, here.

Record Store Day Performance

20th April 2013

To celebrate 4-20 this year, which everyone knows is "Record Store Day," Fiat played for our buddy Joe Powers, known more commonly as his alter-ego, DJ Radionic, at the Rag and Bone down in the West Bottoms of Kansas City. Alex, Chaski and I rushed to practice a handful of tunes so we could put on a short show as a semi-acoustic trio. This is the first time we've played in public in ages, so one might notice a flake of rust here and there, but we had fun and the audience and passers-by seemed to enjoy it. Thanks again to DJ Radionic, the Rag and Bone, and the other bands that played that day, Clairaudients, The Jorge Arana Trio, and Sundiver.


15th April 2013

For today's video, Jeff and Chaski will perform/are performing/performed Chaski's 2006 composition, "Bourree." Written originally for piano, Chaski wanted to hear what it sounded like with more odd instrumentation. Having failed miserably to post a video of this tune a couple of weeks ago, Jeff and Chaski found the task much more difficult than they at first imagined. After much more practice, Fiat has recorded a much less imperfect version of "Bourree" and have made it available at

To see Fiat perform live for the first time in AGES, come to Rag and Bone at 1412 W 12th St., the West Bottoms, in Kansas City, MO on "Record Store Day," on Saturday, ahem . . . APRIL 20, 2013. Fiat begins playing at noon, and we will be joined by other local Kansas City bands, Sundiver, Clairaudients, and our buddies, The Jorge Arana Trio. For more info, visit this link:

All Up In My Grid Released

12th March 2013

All Up In My Grid is now available for free download! Fiat’s first dive into electronica offers a confusing, fun, and explorative outlook on hip-hop and our current musical culture! Download it here at Fiat Media, and please share it with everyone you know!

Thanks to J Witzgall again for lending his ears.
Check out his music on his soundcloud:

Bundle artwork: Hannah Gibbs
Check out Hannah’s tumblr:

6th March 2013

Hi everyone, this is Jeff Benjamin, Fiat Celebrity.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on the site, but I have some exciting news. Fiat’s new bundle, All Up In My Grid, will officially be released next Tuesday, March 12th.

Just like the Returns Bundle, it will be available to download for free on this website,, or to stream on our soundcloud profile.

All Up In My Grid has been a highly educational experience for us, it sounds nothing like any music we’ve done before, and we can’t wait to let everyone download and listen to it. I want to give a special thanks to Hannah Gibbs for doing the bundle artwork, a special thanks to J Witzgall, who again gave us some early feedback on the mixing, and a special commendation to Alex Tate, our saxophonist and producer, for all his hard work in laying the foundation for the bundle, and learning such a huge amount about mixing and producing and applying it to these tracks.

Please watch out for Fiat’s next video on March 12, in which I will make some additional Fiat announcements, introduce our brand new bundle, All Up In My Grid, and Fiat’s new and improved website, redesigned by none other than Mike Fenton at Fenton Creative.

Speaking of Mike, he and his long time friends have a Minecraft server called Mine Vs. Mine that I’ve been playing in. It’s a server designed to create more in-depth player interactivity, and aims at organizing large-scale player vs. player wars. I’ve enjoyed the experience so much that I’ve made some music in the spirit of Minecraft’s original score to help promote it.

It’s a track called Pixelated Summit, and I’m making it available on, as well as our soundcloud page. Don’t forget to check out to witness the web community that’s been spawned by this one Minecraft server, and if you’re interested you can sign up for the server, and even join a town that’s been established by veteran Mine Vs. Mine players.

Thanks to everyone who listens to Fiat, thanks to everyone who has downloaded the Returns Bundle, and if you have no idea who I am or what the hell I’m talking about, go to and download all the music and podcasts there that you’ve missed out on, or check out our Soundcloud